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With years of experience in the wedding industry as videographers and photographers, we’ve seen the rise of photobooths and understand their allure – they’re engaging and create instant keepsakes. However, we found digital prints lack the charm and durability that make keepsakes special. In contrast though, we cherish our decade-old instant film photos, and they still hang up in our house. There’s a timeless magic to instant film, and we believe it’s an essential, memorable touch for any event. What sets instant film apart is not only its charm and longevity but also the intriguing variability in how each image develops. No two photos are exactly alike, adding a delightful element of surprise to your event and making each print a truly unique memento.

Your Moments, Instantly Captured

Why Instant Film?

Instant film is more than just pictures, they're lasting memories! They offer a unique charm and durability that digital photo booths and flimsy paper can't match. And for those that do want to share their instant photo digitally, we have a scanning station that allows you do just that!

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Aloha Snaps $1100

  • 2-hour booth rental.

  • Unlimited Polaroid snaps.

  • Basic Hawaiian-themed backdrop.

  • Digital gallery of all images.

  • Personalized photo frame design.

  • One booth attendant.

  • Social media sharing station.

Instant Island $1,500

  • 3-hour booth rental.

  • ​Unlimited Polaroid snaps.

  • Choice of premium backdrops (e.g., sunset, luau, beach).

  • Digital gallery of all images + USB stick.

  • Custom designed photo frames.

  • Two booth attendants.

  • Social media sharing station.

  • Guestbook service where guests can leave a snap with a message.

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Polaroid Paradise $2,000

  • 4-hour booth rental.

  • Unlimited Polaroid snaps.

  • Choice of exclusive backdrops

  • (with props like tiki bar, surfboards, or Hawaiian lei stands).

  • Digital gallery of all images + luxury USB stick.

  • Custom designed photo frames and props.

  • Two dedicated booth attendants.

  • Social media sharing station with instant uploads.

  • Premium guestbook service with deluxe materials.

  • Post-event video montage of photos.

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