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First Look Video $600

The "First Look Video" is crafted to capture the intimate anticipation and raw emotion of your first moments together. This unique offering is all about the heartfelt reactions and tender exchanges as you see each other for the first time on or before your wedding day. With two hours of dedicated filming, we aim to beautifully document this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The result is a touching highlight video, up to two minutes long, brimming with the magic and emotion of your unique story, preserving these precious moments forever.

Elopement Package $900

The "Elopement package" is tailored for intimate ceremonies, offering 2 hours of expert videography to capture the essence of your special day. It includes stunning drone footage for a unique aerial perspective of your venue, creating memorable scenes where permitted. The package is crowned with a beautifully crafted highlight video, lasting at least five minutes, that encapsulates the most touching moments of your elopement.


Serendipity $1,200

The "Serendipity package" is designed to embrace and capture the full spectrum of your special day. With 4 hours of coverage, our professional videographer ensures no heartfelt moment is missed. The package is highlighted by a thoughtfully crafted video, around 5 minutes long, which artfully strings together the most cherished and spontaneous moments of your celebration. This extended duration allows us to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of your event, ensuring a comprehensive and enchanting depiction of your day's magic and emotion.

The Dream $1,500

The "Dream package" is the epitome of comprehensive wedding day storytelling. With 6 hours of coverage, our expert videographer is dedicated to capturing every significant moment, from the subtle glances to the grand gestures. This extended coverage ensures that the essence and full narrative of your day are beautifully encapsulated. The package culminates in a meticulously crafted highlight video, up to 7 minutes long, which brings together the most memorable and emotional moments of your celebration. This package is perfect for those who dream of a complete and vivid portrayal of their special day.

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Our Features


Additional hours

$300 per hour

Add extra coverage to your day for $300 per hour. For extending by two hours or more, consider upgrading to the next package for better value and comprehensive coverage.

Additional Videographer


Enhance your wedding film's depth and perspective by adding a second videographer. This allows us to capture more angles and moments, ensuring a richer and more dynamic portrayal of your special day.

Video Message booth


A dedicated space for guests to record heartfelt messages, adding a personal and interactive element to your wedding memories.

Prioritized Editing


Your wedding video becomes our top priority in the editing queue, ensuring a quicker turnaround for receiving your beautifully edited film.

Delivered in 14-20 days.

(standard is 5 weeks)

Teaser Video


Receive a short 2-minute, engaging teaser of your wedding 7 days after the day, perfect for sharing a sneak peek with friends and family on social media.

Continuous Ceremony Coverage


A stationary camera will continuously record your ceremony, providing a complete, unedited view of your special moments

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